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Download videos


See VLC tips.

  1. Play the video in VLC
  2. On VLC, check Tools -> Codec information and find a URL there
  3. Open the URL on a browser. Right click the video and choose to save the video.

The method works for youtube and vimeo videos.

Firefox/Chrome add-on

3 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos in Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions

Video DownloadHelper add-on works fine when I test it on Firefox.


# which youtube-dl
# sudo rm /usr/bin/youtube-dl

# Method 1.
sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

# Method 2.
sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl

# Log out and log in
youtube-dl --version
# 2019.01.02

# Download a youtube playlist
youtube-dl -f mp4 --yes-playlist URL
  • For videos with 1080p resolution, youtube-dl will download 720p by default. To download 1080p, see this post
# show the available resolutions
youtube-dl -F XXX
# download the desired resolution
youtube-dl -f 137+141 XXXX 
# Note the two numbers 137, 141 is case dependent. They could be 137 & 140.
youtube-dl -f 22 XXX
# if the format 22 is mp4. If I do not specify the format, the mkv file will be downloaded
# But playing mkv file tends to be stuttering with VLC.

This assumes Ubuntu has installed avconv; otherwise video(mp4) and audio(m4a) files will be downloaded separately. To install avconv, install the libav-tools package. Note that libav-tools was replaced by ffmpeg in Ubuntu 18.04.

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
  • To download mp3 from a Youtube Video (assume libav-tools or ffmpeg has been installed). See more info here.
youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 URL
  • To convert the video to mp3 format, use soundconverter
sudo apt-get install soundconverter




Tips 1: SMTube

Search and watch Youtube

Tips 2: Pennywise

Open Websites In A Floating, Borderless Window/Picture in picture

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube

  • j: backward 10 seconds
  • l: forward 10 seconds
  • >: Speed up the video playback rate.
  • <: Slow down the video playback rate.
  • c: captions
  • m: mute


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